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To obtain a new backflow tester registration in the State of Iowa, the applicant must complete an online application and provide documentation from one of the following:

  • Initial application for registration must be made within 12 months after the date of completion of an Iowa HHS approved 32 hour BPAT training course or
  • Provide a current 3rd party certification from American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA) or American Society of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE) or
  • Provide a current out-of-state backflow prevention assembly tester credential from a state with similar or greater requirements for training and continuing education than does the state of Iowa.

Registration is valid for two years and will expire on October 31st of odd numbered years.


Processing time can take 1-2 weeks during renewal (July-October).


Renewal window opens July 1, 2023.  You will not be able to renew before that date.

  • An Iowa HHS approved 5 hour BPAT recertification training course is required to renew.  This course can be taken any time during your 2 year renewal period. Your training provider will upload your certification in our database. If the course has not been uploaded, please contact your training provider.
  • You can also renew if you have a current third party certification from either American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA) or American Society of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE). You must provide a copy of your card or certification.
  • Late fees start on October 1st to allow program staff time to process renewals before the October 31st expiration date.  The late fee is $10 per month.
  • A backflow registration can be inactive for 2 years and can still be reinstated.  If it has been more than two years, you will need to retake the Iowa HHS approved 32 hour BPAT training course.

If you have not seen your registration after 1-2 weeks of submitting your renewal/application, please verify you have not received an email from us asking for further information/documentation.

If you have not received an email from us, please contact us.

All registrations are emailed to the email address we have on file. Please be sure we have an updated email. Email addresses can be updated in our online system by logging into your account.

Late Notices

There are two scenarios where you may receive a late notice.

  • If your renewal was submitted, but not yet processed, you may receive a late notice email. Our processing time is 1-2 weeks.
  • If you have not successfully completed your renewal. If the process is incomplete, it will not notify us of your renewal or application that is pending. Please log back in to our online system and verify the following:
    • All questions were answered.
    • Your 5 hour training course was uploaded.
    • All fees were paid.
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Continuing Education & Training

You must take an IDPH approved 5 hour BPAT training course to renew your backflow tester certification. In order for a five hour recertification course to qualify for this renewal period, it must be taken after October 31, 2019.

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Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training Providers

Your training provider is responsible for rostering all course attendees and will upload your CEU’s in our database. If this has not been uploaded, you will need to contact your training  provider to let them know. We do not have access to this information.

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Laws & Rules

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