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Other Professional Licensure

The Iowa Interior Design Examining Board was created as a Title Act in 2006. A person shall not use the title of registered interior designer or any title or device indicating or representing in any manner that the person is a registered interior designer or is practicing as a registered interior designer unless the person is a registered interior designer.  Here we have resources, information about applications, and disciplinary action for interior designers.

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My Iowa PLB

Apply for and Renew Licenses

Real Estate Appraisers, Real Estate Salespersons, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Firms, Registered Interior Designers, and Appraisal Management Companies.

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Seal and Certificate of Responsibility

The Board is currently working on rules regarding the registered interior design stamp/seal under Iowa Code 544C.14. 

The Board has tentatively approved a seal design, which should include

  • an outside circle with a diameter of approximately 1 3/4 inches.
  • the name of the registered interior designer and the word "Registered Interior Designer"
  • the Iowa registration number and the word "Iowa". 

    Image of draft interior design seal

The information block should look similar to:


I hereby certify that the portion of this technical submission described below was prepared by me or under my direct supervision and responsible charge. I am a duly registered interior designer under the law of the state of Iowa.

Signature                                                 Date

Printed or typed name: ____________________________
Registration Number: ______________________________
My registration renewal date is June 30, _______.

Page or sheets covered by this seal: _________________

The Board will be promulgating rules this fall with the official determination on the seal and information block. Once the rules are finalized, they will be posted here.

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Continuing Education Resources

If you attend NeoCon or other large conference, please get and keep documentation if a session you take is designated as HSW. You will need the documentation if you are audited.

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How to File a Complaint

Fill out our electronic form to file a complaint.  Be sure to attach documentation that will support your complaint.

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