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Medical & Health Field Jobs

Application Resources for Dental Professionals

A list of resources that may be of use to applicants for licensure or registration with the Iowa Dental Board.

List of Testing Sites

Complete list of community college testing sites that regularly administer the board examinations in jurisprudence, infection control, and dental radiography.

Regulations & Statements Related to the Practice of Dentistry

Iowa Code and Iowa Administrative Code related to the practice of dentistry in Iowa. Also includes statements issued by the Iowa Dental Board.

Government Agencies & Professional Associations for Dentistry

Website information about other government agencies or professional associations that may be of benefit to licensees & registrants in Iowa.

Continuing Education Resources

A list of resources for required training and education for state or federal agencies.

Iowa Practitioner Program

The Iowa Practitioner Program (IPP) is available to licensees across multiple licensing boards in Iowa. The Iowa Practitioner Review Committee (IPRC) reviews self-reports made by licensees to determine eligibility for participation. 

Dental Board Application & Renewal Fees

A list of fees related to the application and renewal of licenses and registrations in Iowa.

Dental Board Miscellaneous Fees

List of miscellaneous fees for requests from the Iowa Dental Board.