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Apply for a License, Registration or Permit Online

Use our online service portal for application, renewal, reports & payments. Some services require a user account.

List of Testing Sites

Complete list of community college testing sites that regularly administer the board examinations in jurisprudence, infection control, and dental radiography.

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Practice of Dental Hygiene Defined

“Practice of dental hygiene” means the performance of the following educational, therapeutic, preventive and diagnostic dental hygiene procedures which are delegated by and under the supervision of a dentist licensed pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 153.

  1. Educational. Assessing the need for, planning, implementing, and evaluating oral health education programs for individual patients and community groups; conducting workshops and in-service training sessions on dental health for nurses, school personnel, institutional staff, community groups and other agencies providing consultation and technical assistance for promotional, preventive and educational services.
  2. Therapeutic. Identifying and evaluating factors which indicate the need for and performing (1) oral prophylaxis, which includes supragingival and subgingival debridement of plaque, and detection and removal of calculus with instruments or any other devices; (2) periodontal scaling and root planing; (3) removing and polishing hardened excess restorative material; (4) administering local anesthesia with the proper permit; (5) administering nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia in accordance with IAC 650--Chapter 29; (6) applying or administering medicaments prescribed by a dentist, including chemotherapeutic agents and medicaments or therapies for the treatment of periodontal disease and caries.
  3. Preventive. Applying pit and fissure sealants and other medications or methods for caries and periodontal disease control; organizing and administering fluoride rinse or sealant programs.
  4. Diagnostic. Reviewing medical and dental health histories; performing oral inspection; indexing dental and periodontal disease; making occlusal registrations for mounting study casts; testing pulp vitality; analyzing dietary surveys.
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Local Anesthesia & Nitrous Oxide

Dental hygienists who apply for and are issued an active local anesthesia permit, may administer local anesthesia in Iowa.

Dental hygienists who have completed board-approved training in the administration or monitoring of nitrous oxide may do so without a permit.

For more information, please refer to the Anesthesia and Sedation Permits webpage.

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Expanded Functions

Pursuant to IAC 650--Chapter 23, “a dentist may delegate an expanded function duty to a licensed dental hygienist if the hygienist has completed Board-approved training....” Certain other restrictions and limitations apply.  Find additional information on expanded functions training here.

Licensure and Examination Requirements

Overview of licensing & examination requirements in Iowa for a dental or dental hygiene license.

Dental Board Application & Renewal Fees

A list of fees related to the application and renewal of licenses and registrations in Iowa.

Iowa Dental Board

The Iowa Dental Board licenses and regulates the practice of dentistry, dental hygiene & dental assisting in Iowa.

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