Endorsement is the process a nurse from another state uses to become licensed in Iowa. Nurses may work on their active multistate license while waiting for their Iowa multistate license.

To endorse in Iowa, you must qualify for licensure in Iowa. For more information, visit our Licensure page.

For questions please email us at: endorse@iowa.gov


Apply for Endorsement

Complete an Iowa Board of Nursing application online and pay the fee of $169. This fee is non-refundable. This fee covers your application fee and criminal background check. 

  • Provide a mailing address on your application where the Board can send you documentation.
  • If your residential address differs from your mailing address, provide both addresses.
  • A packet of information will be sent after you have completed the application and paid the fee.

Submit Documents

Submit all paper documents, including:

Note: Your application cannot be processed if all documents are not received.


Request Official Transcripts

Request official transcripts from your nursing program/school with a conferred degree. Please note: your transcript must be sent from your school. Unofficial transcripts are not accepted. 

  • Electronic transcripts may be sent through the National Student Clearinghouse ONLY.
    • For those educated in a foreign country, your CGFNS report meets these requirements. 

Verify Original License

Iowa only requires verification from your original state of licensure. Printing an online verification through a board of nursing website is not accepted. Apply online for original license verification through Nursys.

  • If you are endorsing from a state that does not use Nursys, send the “Verification of Original License” form from your packet to your original state. If you are able to apply through Nursys, discard the form.

Military or Federal Identification

Active military or current federal employees may be required to submit identification. You may need to submit additional information, such as military orders.


Nurses Educated Outside the U.S.

Foreign educated exam applicants will need to request an NCLEX Score Transfer, as well as your CGFNS report.


Check Your License Status

If you would like to see the status of your license, visit our online portal and log into your account.