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Criminal Conviction Eligibility

Criminal histories do not automatically prohibit applicants from getting licensed in Iowa. Even if you have one or more disqualifying convictions, you may still qualify.

You will need to submit proof of rehabilitation to the Board. Your documentation needs to prove your ability to safely practice nursing. 


If you have not yet submitted an application: 

You may submit a petition for eligibility form. The Board will review your petition and determine your eligibility for licensure. You are not required to submit a petition before applying for a license. If you have criminal convictions and are close to graduating, it is worth considering.

Disclosing a conviction when applying for licensure: 

Applicants must disclose convictions on their licensure application. When submitting the application, please send in the following:  

  1. The criminal complaint and judgment of conviction for each separate offense
  2. A brief personal statement about the conditions that led to the conviction(s)
  3. All evidence of rehabilitation they wish the board to consider.

​​​​​​For some cases, you may be asked to submit your guilty plea and/or sentencing order with your application. To avoid potential delays, submit all of the above when you apply.

The following must be reported:

  • Deferred judgments
  • Expunged convictions
  • Sealed records
  • Any other forms of agreed dispositions
  • Operating while intoxicated convictions
    • Note: You do not need to report traffic charges.

List of Potentially Disqualifying Criminal Convictions

Per Iowa Code section 272C.15(2), the Board provides a list of potentially disqualifying criminal convictions.


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