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Health Facilities & Programs

DIAL supports health facilities in Iowa with licensing, certifications, surveys (inspections), and more. DIAL currently maintains a health facilities database via a separate website where you can search survey reports for specific healthcare facilities.

Note that for the best user experience, DIAL recommends using the application in Chrome, Edge, or Safari browsers. 

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Oversight Provided to Health Facilities by DIAL

Health facilities subject to DIAL’s oversight will interact with the department in a variety of ways. Surveyors from DIAL conduct routine, unannounced on-site survey visits to assess the quality of care and services provided to clients. If any problems are discovered, DIAL will work with the facility to ensure compliance with State and federal rules; department staff may also issue disciplinary action, if merited.

DIAL staff also investigate complaints received regarding improper care or treatment of patients or clients in licensed health facilities. If specific complaints or concerns are received, DIAL staff may complete on-site inspections in addition to routine compliance inspections. 

Health Facilities

The following types of health facilities fall under the oversight and regulation of DIAL.

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Health Facility Reports

Whether you work at a healthcare facility or would like to learn about the survey (inspection) history of a health facility for yourself or a loved one, the department keeps a public record of facility surveys. You will be able to review the nature of the survey, number of regulatory violations for the survey (if any), any licensure actions taken, as well as read copies of the reports filed after the visit.

To access health facility reports, visit the health facilities online database . You will be able to search by health facility name, type, or location to find recent reports. You can also export the list as a .csv or PDF file.

Note that for the best user experience, DIAL recommends using the application in Chrome, Edge, or Safari browsers. 

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Approved Third-Party Vendors for Background Checks

Per Senate File 2299 signed on June 1, 2020, the department is required to post a listing of third-party vendors for background checks of potential health facility staff that have been vetted, approved, and provided to the department by statewide associations of hospitals, health care facilities, programs and providers. Providers may select a vendor from this list to conduct the comprehensive preliminary background checks for provisional employment of employees or provisional participation by students.

Each of the following vendors are accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA):

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