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The Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board issues medical gas piping certification to medical gas system installers who possess valid certification from the National Inspection Testing Certification Corporation or NITC. Certification from other organizations may be considered with approval of the board.

In addition to NITC, the board has also approved Medical Gas Management (MGM), Medical Equipment Training and Certification, LLC (METC), Environmental & Medical Gas Services (EMGS), Airgas Medical Services, Inc -formerly known as Medical Gas Management, Inc (AMS) and Medical Gas Testing & Certification, LLC (MGTC).

"Medical gas system installer" means any person who installs or repairs medical gas piping, components, and vacuum systems, including brazers, who has been issued a valid certification from the national inspection testing certification (NITC) corporation, or an equivalent authority approved by the board."

Persons who possess medical gas piping certification must maintain brazing continuity and valid NITC certification or equivalent.  Because current certification and brazing continuity must be maintained, no continuing education hours are required for renewal of the medical gas piping certification.


The requirements for a board-issued medical gas piping certification are as follows:

  • Must submit an application either online or via the paper application;
  • Pay the medical gas piping certification fee;
  • Must be at least 18 years old;
  • Must show proof of NITC certification or a board-approved equivalent certification, including proof of current brazing qualification.


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