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An exemption application is available upon request. Licensees must apply for an extension or exemption before the renewal.

A licensee is exempt from continuing education requirements for the following conditions:

  • Active duty military personnel who served honorably during the license period.
    • A licensee claiming this exemption must show evidence of active duty upon request.
  • An active licensee residing in another state that requires mandatory continuing education.
  • Nurses working for the government, foreign service, or missionary work. This only applies if working outside of the United States during the renewal period.
    • A licensee claiming this exemption must show evidence of employment outside the United States upon request.
  • Physical and/or mental disabilities or illnesses during the renewal period.
    • A health care provider must sign the application confirming the disability or illness.

A licensee claiming an exemption must show a copy of the written approval upon request.

To request a medical exemption application, email us at

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Special approval process

Special approvals provide the licensee an opportunity to use non-standard continuing education. This includes programs offered by a non-approved provider and address appropriate subject matter.

See Iowa Administrative Code 655 Chapter 5.2(5) for a full list of approved providers. If your provider is NOT on the list, then you must submit a special approval application.

Submit special approvals during the renewal period to fulfill the requirements.
Licensees must complete the educational offering before submitting a special approval application. Include the following with your application:

  • Documentation of the date, time, location, and program title
  • Purpose and objectives
  • Intended audience
  • Credentials of instructors
  • Evidence of contact hours

Licensees must keep the above documentation and approval letter for license renewal.
If denied, an appeal can be made to the board within 30 days of the denial.

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