Apply by mail for an elevator installation or alteration permit. Submit a permit application at least eight weeks before installation or alteration of an elevator. Work cannot begin on an installation or alteration until a permit for the work has been issued.

Apply by Mail

Download the form, fill it out, and submit it by mail to DIAL.

Include a separate form for each conveyance.


Submit your application at least eight weeks before installation or alteration of an elevator. 

A complete application package will prevent delays. Include:

  • Alterations require drawings and specifications for all planned changes.
  • New installations require two copies of the project details set forth in Iowa Administrative Code 875 Chapter 71.5.
  • Plans must be submitted on 11”x17” paper.
  • A single electronic plan submittal shall be made with sufficient resolution to not lose detail when enlarged. 


Elevator Fees
Installation or Alteration Type Fee
Traction Elevator Installation $1,000
Hydraulic Elevator Installation $750
Escalator Installation $1,000
Elevator Alteration $500
Escalator Skirt Brush Alteration $500
Other Escalator Alteration $1,000
Wheelchair Lift Installation $500
Dumbwaiter Installation $500
Dumbwaiter Alteration $500
Print Revision $100
Permit Extension $100

After Your Permit is Issued

  • Post the permit on the job site.
  • Equipment should not be put into use until it passes inspection by a state inspector.
  • Most businesses in the elevator industry must have a current contractor registration number issued by the Division of Labor.

Schedule an Inspection

It may take up to two weeks to schedule an appointment for an inspection related to an installation or alteration.