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Swimming Pools & Spas

Each year, the Iowa Department of Inspections, Appeals, and Licenses (DIAL) Swimming Pools and Spas Program registers about 1400 aquatic facility locations in Iowa.

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How to Apply for New Registration

The fee for a new registration is $35 per pool, spa, spray pad, or water slide.

new swimming pool, spa, spray pad, or water slide can be registered by completing the Registration Form and submitting the applicable fee(s) to the Swimming Pool and Spa Program. Please use the form for a new registration.

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How to Renew Registration

The most efficient way to receive your renewal registration is to renew online. To renew now, visit the Regulatory Programs Portal. Need help? Read the pool and spa online renewal instructions.

You can also renew by paper with a Renewal Form

Registration renewal notices are emailed out on or around March 1 of each year. Your registration will be emailed the following day to the email address we have on file. 

Fees & Deadlines

  • Registration fee is $35 for each swimming pool, spa, waterslide, etc. required.
  • Renewals are due by April 30. Applications for renewals are not accepted before March 1.
  • Late fees are $25 per month for each pool, spa, waterslide, etc. 
  • Checks received without a renewal form and/or no identifying information for the facility will be returned.

Pay by Check

If you'd like to send a check to pay for your renewal completed online, it must have one of the following accompany it:

  • A printed bill from our online site. This identifies the facility and facility number so the payment can be applied, or;
  • A note or write the 7-digit facility number (i.e. SP00-0000) on the check.

Pool Registration & Renewal FAQs

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Residential Pool Registration

Residential pools in Iowa typically do not need to be registered by the Swimming Pool and Spa Program.

However, residential swimming pools that are used for any commercial purpose such as swimming lessons or exercise classes for 60 hours or less in a calendar month need to register, annually renew their swimming pool registration, be inspected annually by the designated inspection agency, and meet certain operational requirements. There is no registration fee.

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Registration Exemptions

Almost all public swimming pools and spas in Iowa are required to meet the minimum standards of Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) 641 Chapter 15. However, there are two instances when a public swimming pool or spa can be exempted from meeting these minimum standards. These include:

Therapeutic Use

A swimming pool or spa which is used exclusively for therapeutic use under the direct supervision of qualified medical personnel can be exempted by completing the Request for Therapy Use Exemption form.

Homeowner Associations

A swimming pool or spa operated by a homeowners association representing 72 or fewer dwelling units may be exempted by completing the Request for Homeowner’s Association Exemption form if:

  • The association bylaws, which also apply to a rental agreement relative to any of the dwelling units, include an exemption from the requirements of Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) 641 Chapter 15.
  • The association provides for the inspection of the swimming pool or spa by an entity other than the department or a local inspection agency. The inspector designated by the association shall be a certified pool operator (CPO) as defined in IAC 641 Chapter 15.3 (1) and the inspection report shall be filed with the association secretary and shall be available to any association member on request.
  • The association assumes any liability associated with operation of the swimming pool and spa and must notify the department in writing if the association bylaws are amended.
  • Request for Homeowners Association Exemption 
  • IAC 641 Chapter 15 
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Need Help?

For assistance navigating the Online Licensing Portal, please contact the Regulatory Programs Help Desk at 855.824.4357 or email

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