All active licensees (broker, salesperson, corporation, LLC, partnership, etc.) must carry uninterrupted E & O insurance coverage in Iowa.  (An inactive license is a broker or salesperson whose license is on file with the Real Estate Commission on inactive status and during which time the licensee is precluded from engaging in any acts that require an active real estate license.  A firm, partnership, LLC, etc. can not be placed on inactive status.)

Proof of coverage must be provided with all new applications, when reactivating an inactive license to active status if the license has been inactive for more than 20 days, if selected for a random E & O audit by the Commission, and when transferring your license.

The group coverage insurance policy selected by the Commission is with Rice Insurance Services Center  (RISC.)

While you are not required to obtain coverage from RISC, before obtaining coverage with another carrier be sure to read Chapter 19 of Administrative Rules 193-E to understand the requirements of coverage.