At any time throughout the application process you can log into your "My Iowa PLB" to check the status of your application(s).

Pending: Your application is incomplete and has not yet been successfully submitted to Commission staff.

  1. Make sure you have completed all required fields in the Checklist.  Once completed, a green checkmark will appear.  Do not attempt to upload documents until you have completed the checklist.
  2. Make sure you have attached all required documents (PDF preferred) in "Review Submissions."  If there is a checkmark in the "Required" field, you must attach the appropriate document indicated by the "Description."
  3. Only after you have completed the Checklist, and attached the required documents, if applicable, will the next step, Submit for Review,  become available.
  • If applicable, it is at this step you will provide the firm number of the firm you wish to be licensed to/are transferring to; or the broker number of the sole-proprietor you wish to be licensed to/are transferring to; or the license number of the agent (salesperson or broker) you are requesting to go inactive.  (The license number format must be entered using the following format: FXXXXX000, BXXXXX000, or SXXXXX000).

Pending - Internal Review: Your application is in the Commission's staff queue for review.  Please allow up to 14 business days for staff to complete review.

Application Deficiencies:  Commission staff has done an initial review of your application and found one or more deficiencies.  The applicant receives an e-mail notification of the deficiency.  If the deficiency requires you to attach another document, please use the "Additional Documents" option.  You will not be able to delete any document that has already been submitted.

Pending - Background Check:  One of the following:

  1. Staff has reviewed your application and found it to be complete.  It is now waiting for the Background Coordinator to review the results of your national criminal history background.
  2. Your application has been submitted but your background check is not yet complete.  Please allow up to 7-10 business days or more for staff to process. 

Pending - Envelope Signatures:  Your application has been submitted to the broker(s) for review and signature.

Pending - Waiting on Deliverables:  This is for the background application only; waiting for the applicant to submit the completed fingerprint card, waiver form, and pay the required fee.

Approved - Ready for Payment:  Applicant must pay the appropriate fee at this time. 

Closed - Issued: Application process completed, no further action required.