All salespersons and all brokers renewing to active status must complete the following continuing education hours prior to December 31st of their renewal year

  • 8 hours Law Update
  • 4 hours Ethics
  • 24 hours Commission approved Electives

Continuing education must be done within the three years of the renewal cycle AND prior to the submission of the renewal application.  For example, for those renewing a license that expires on 12/31/23, the renewal cycle consists of the years 2021, 2022 and/or 2023.  

Courses that are currently approved by the Iowa Real Estate Commission, can be found here.
The Commission will also accept the following courses to meet the 24 hour elective requirement:

  • Credits earned in a state which has a continuing education requirement for renewal of a license if the course is approved by the real estate licensing board of that state for credit for renewal AND none of the subject material is specific to that state's real estate license law and/or rules.
  • Any course sponsored by the National Association of Realtors (NAR.)  

As addressed by 193E Iowa Administrative Code § 16.4(4), a maximum of 24 hours may be taken by distance learning during each three year renewal period.  At least 12 hours of continuing education must be taken via live instruction.  There is no requirement as to which course or courses are taken via live instruction. 

193E—16.1(543B) Definitions. For the purpose of these rules, the following definitions shall apply:

“Distance learning” means a planned teaching/learning experience with a geographic separation of student and instructor that utilizes a wide spectrum of technology-based systems, including computer-based instruction, to reach learners at a distance. Home-study courses that include written materials, exercises and tests mailed to the provider for review are included in this definition.

“Live instruction” means an educational program delivered in a traditional classroom setting or by electronic means whereby the instructor and student have real-time visual and audio contact to carry out their essential tasks.    

During each three year renewal period a course may be taken for credit only once.  A course may be repeated for credit ONLY if the course numbers and instructors are different.

There are no carryover hours for completed continuing education and to renew to active status, all continuing education must be done no later than the December 31st of the year of the renewal and prior to submission of the renewal application.  Licensees DO NOT have a 30-day grace period to complete continuing education.  If continuing education is not completed by the expiration date of a license, licensees will have to renew to inactive status or allow their license to expire.  

To submit a course for pre/post course approval as addressed by 193E Iowa Administrative Code § 16.11, licensees will need to log into their respective "My Iowa PLB" account and submit the application type titled "Pre/Post Course Approval Request." 

All brokers and salespersons can, at any time between July 1 and December 31 of the year of renewal, take and pass the appropriate licensing exam (both state and national portions) instead of completing the required continuing education.

Licensees will need to complete the "Request for Exam Authorization Letter for Continuing Education for Renewal" application online.  Once your application is approved you will receive an email with the authorization letter.