An application is required to obtain an Iowa certified appraiser license.


Login or Create an Account

Login to the licensing portal to start an application. 

NOTE: if you have had a license prior as either a real estate appraiser or real estate salesperson/broker you have an account and will need to log into that account.


Start Applications (Exam & Experience)

Once you are logged into your personal licensing portal, click on "Submit Application/Renew" to start an application. 


Complete Application Checklist

After you create the application, move to the next step and complete the application checklist. From the application page, click on "Complete Checklist" and answer all required questions. 


Upload Required Course Completion Certificates and Logs

Upload the required course completion certificates and logs to the submissions section. Click on, " Upload Submissions."

Instructions on how to upload submissions are below:

  1. Click on “Upload” under the "Actions" column.  
  2. Click on “Choose File.”
  3. Select the file that you are intending to upload and click on “Open” in the pop-up box. 
  4. Click on “Upload” again.
  5. A message should appear in yellow stating "Attachment uploaded successfully."  
  6. Click on “Save” at the bottom of the page before you leave the Manage Submissions page.

Submit Application for Review

Click on "Submit Application" and answer the prompted questions to finalize your application for staff review. 

NOTE: status of application will change from “Pending” to “Pending Internal Review”.


Board will Process Application and Build “Other” Application

Board staff will process your application and create a second "other" application for work product review purposes. You will be notified that the application was created and to pay the WPR fee. 


Pay the WPR "Other" Fee

From the "other" application page, click on "Pay Fees."


Submit Requested Reports for Standard 3/4 Review

As directed by Board staff. 


Sit for WPR Interview with WPR Committe

As directed by Board staff. 


Pay Exam Fee

As directed by Board staff. 


Sit for the Exam

As directed by Board staff.