If you have a license in another state and have an active NCARB certificate, you may be eligible for a reciprocal license.

The Architect Licensure by Reciprocity application is accessed online

Applicants must have a current NCARB Certificate.

The completed Iowa application and payment should be submitted through the online licensing system. Please do not submit your application until you have received notice from the Iowa Board that your NCARB transmittal has been received. Please note that we must receive your completed application within three (3) months of receiving your NCARB transmittal.  

Once completed applications are received by the board office in the online portal, staff is typically able to review them within 2-3 business days. Fees for the license are paid after the applications has been reviewed and approved.

The $200 fee is valid until the next renewal date and is not pro-rated, thus if an applicant applies in April for a registration that should be renewed by June 30, the license may be valid for less than three months. Individuals whose last name begins A-K renew in even numbered years; L-Z renew in odd numbered years.

Notice of Intent to Offer Architectural Services Prior to Licensure

Applicants who intend to offer services in Iowa prior to receiving a license may do so if the applicant complies with subrule IAC193B-2.2(2). 

Applicants are required to contact NCARB and have a copy of their council certificate record (blue cover) transmitted to the Iowa Board.  NCARB will transmit the certificate record to the Iowa board office.

Alternative Pathways

There may be additional paths to licensure. If you do not have an NCARB certificate, please contact the Board office. Please note the paths require board review.

Felony Convictions

If you have a felony conviction and wish to obtain a prelicensure determination, please contact the Board office.

List of Criminal Offences Directly Relating to the Profession of Architecture