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Important Notes:

  • All fees are due at time of application and are nonrefundable.
  • All payments should be made payable to the Iowa Board of Nursing unless otherwise noted.
  • Any overpayment less than $10.00 will not be refunded.

$143.00  (Includes the $93 application fee and the $50 fee for the criminal history background check.)

$200.00 paid online to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

Endorsement$169.00 (Includes the $119 application fee and the $50 fee for criminal history background check.)
Renewal of License$99.00 every three years, due 30 days prior to the 15th of the licensee's birth month
Late Renewal$149.00 (Includes $99.00 renewal fee plus the $50.00 late fee) (Renewal of a license between the 16th of the licensee's birth month and the 15th of the following month)
Reactivation$225.00 (Includes $175.00 application fee and $50 fee for the criminal history background check.)
ARNP license (both initial and renewals)$81.00
Certified copy of an original document$20.00
Returned check charge$15.00 paid by certified check or money order
Verification of license status to another state if NURSYS cannot provide the verification.$25.00 for each license verification sent
Rosters of Licensee InformationFree of charge
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Fee Waiver Information

Effective January 1, 2021, individuals whose household adjusted gross income does not exceed 200% of the annual federal poverty level guideline may request a waiver for application fees.

  • Fees include license application and criminal background check fees. 
  • Fees do not include exam fees paid to the testing center. 
  • Fee waiver applies only to first time license applicants in the state.
  • Re-exams, Renewals and Reactivations do not qualify.
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Do I qualify for the fee waiver?

To qualify for the fee waiver, the applicant must:

  • Apply for licensure
  • Determine eligibility by referencing the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines
  • Attest that your household adjusted income does not exceed 200% of the federal poverty level. To determine eligibility you must include a copy of your household Federal Tax Return from the prior year.
  • A household income is the income of the tax filer, his or her spouse, and any tax dependents. If you are claimed as a dependent on someone else's taxes, the income used for calculation must be that of the overall household. Examples include: 
    • If you filed single, submit your individual Federal Tax Return
    • If you married and filed jointly, submit the joint Federal Tax Return
    • If married and filed separately, submit both your and your spouse's Federal Tax Returns
    • If someone claimed you as a dependent on their tax return, submit the Federal Tax Return of the filer who claimed you as their dependent.
  • Submit the fee waiver documentation  

Note: There is an increase in processing time required for fee waivers.  The review of fee waiver requests are upon receipt of all documentation.

If the licensee qualifies, they will continue with the application process.  

  • If the waiver request documentation does not meet the guidelines then you will be notified via email. You can then login and pay the standard licensing fee. Licensing review will not proceed until the fee is paid.

See the Fee Waiver for Federal Poverty Level Thresholds Submission Form

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