The grant funds from the Local Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Service (LFPEMS) Providers Grant Program may be used for the following: 

  • To establish or provide fireworks safety education programming to members of the public.
  • To purchase necessary enforcement, protection, or emergency response equipment related to the sale and use of consumer fireworks in this state.
  • To purchase necessary enforcement, protection, or emergency response equipment.

Complete Current Grant Application

Complete the current Local Fire Protection & Emergency Medical Services (LFPEMS) Grant Program application form.


Additional Documentation

Include as much additional information related the grant request to support the specific connection on how the funds will be used to address issues related to consumer fireworks or to fulfill a specific equipment need.

This may include:

  • pictures or product information; 
  • product or service quotes;
  • narrative specifically describing how the product or service will be used;
  • any other information to support the request.

Submit Grant Application

Submit the completed grant application and email any additional documentation or information to the department contact provided.


Grant Awards Communications

Grant awards are determined during the third quarter of each year.  Award letters are sent to the contact email provided on the grant application, along with other information on purchasing guidelines and an accountability spreadsheet, when applicable.

Once a department receives their award letter, it should be immediately signed by the department authority and emailed back to DIAL to avoid any delays in processing grant funds or initiating purchase on behalf of an awarded department.


Contact Consumer Fireworks Program

How to contact the department.