How to apply online for an architectural, fire alarm, fire sprinkler/suppression plan review.


Create Online User Account or Log In

Go to the Iowa ImageTrend License Management System.  If you do not have a user account, create one.  Otherwise, login to your existing user account.


Create an Account Password

Once your user account has been created, check your email for the "Login Information" message.  Click the link in the body of the email to create your account password.


Save Password

Once you save your password, you will need to accept the privacy statement to log in.


Add New Project Site

FOR SITES NOT IN IMAGETREND:  if your site is already in ImageTrend skip to the next step.

Click on the Application menu and click the Apply Now button beside the "Add New Business or Site" form.

Complete and submit the form. 

You will be notified by email once your new site has been entered into ImageTrend.  You can then login and submit the appropriate plan review application.


Add User Account to Company Roster


Click the "Application" menu and then the "Apply Now" button next to the "Add/Remove User Account" (Assign or Remove Business/User Position) form.

Complete and submit the form. Carefully select your user role, as this will determine what application forms are available to you.


Submit Plan Review Application

Click on the Applications menu.

Look for the "Business Applications" link above your name in the middle of the page.  Click on the link.

Select the company name from the "Filter by Service" drop down, if it is not already displayed.

Click the Apply Now button beside the applicable "Plan Review" form (architectural, fire alarm, or fire sprinkler/suppression).

Complete and submit the form. 

Before you apply, be sure you have required documents ready for upload:

  • FOR EXEMPTION REQUEST:  project drawings
  • FOR PRELIMINARY REVIEW:  project code sheet
  • FOR GENERATOR REVIEW:  drawings & specifications
  • FOR FULL PLAN REVIEW:  preliminary review comments
LMS business application screenshot

As the plan review process is completed, you will receive emails regarding next steps. 


Digital Plan Upload

To request a digital upload location for architectural plans, email and request a digital upload link. Please provide the project number and project name when requesting the link.

The Building Code Bureau requires wet signed/sealed paper plans that are “100% construction sets”. We do not accept “preliminary” or “not for construction” plans. If submittals do not meet these criteria, a notification will be sent.

Once the digital plans have been uploaded, it will be your responsibility to let the assigned plan reviewer know. Plan reviews will not take place until after fees are paid and notification of plan upload has been completed.  Any questions on this process change should be submitted to


Plan Review Response Required

If a plan review response is required, login to your user account and click on the Applications menu in the left-hand navigation pane.  Then click on the Continue link to access the response form under your specific project.

Complete and submit the form to supply the necessary information requested in your plan review comments form that was emailed to you.


Contact Building Code Construction Inspectors

Find the state building code construction and factory built structure inspector contact information.


Contact State Building Code

How to contact the department.