Apply by mail for a boiler or pressure vessel permit.

Apply by Mail

Download the Advance Notice of Boiler Installation or Advance Notice to Convert Power Boiler to Low Pressure Boiler. Fill out the form and mail it to the address provided.

Iowa Code Section 89.6 requires this form be filed at least 10 days prior to installation.

Pass Inspection

The boiler, converted boiler, or pressure vessel must pass inspection prior to operation.

Any inspection may be performed up to 60 days prior to its due date.

Extensions are not granted to any operating certificate or inspection schedule dates.

Pay Fee

All payments must either be mailed or delivered to the address on the invoice.

We do not accept online or phone payments.


Documentation you should have for your boilers or pressure vessels.


  • A CSD-1 report for all boilers with a heat input under 12.5 million BTU’s (3,663kW). 
  • The current operating certificate. 
  • A maintenance log showing the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly verifications that are being performed. 


  • An owner’s manual for the object. 
  • The object’s Manufacturers Data Report. 
  • A copy of the advance notice of installation form. 
  • Past inspection reports.