Being a physician can be a mentally, physically, and emotionally taxing job. The Iowa Physician Health Program (IPHP) provides a safe place for physicians to get the assistance and support they need for mental health conditions, physical health conditions, and substance use disorders that could impact their ability to safely practice medicine.

The Iowa Board of Medicine created the IPHP in 1996. The Board recognizes physicians are not immune to health conditions and supports physicians seeking help before their condition impairs their ability to practice medicine. 

When you self-report and seek help from us, your situation and any assessments or treatments received are completely confidential, allowing you to get the help you need. We’ll work with you to address your health issues by coordinating with providers to determine what services are needed to ensure you’re safe to practice medicine. 

Confidentiality and Our Program

The Iowa Physician Health Program (IPHP) is a confidential monitoring program within the Iowa Board of Medicine. It is designed to protect the public by supporting and monitoring physicians whose health conditions may impact their ability to practice medicine safely. The IPHP promotes early intervention, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring for physicians with potential impairments caused by a mental health condition, substance use disorder or physical health condition.

We recognize there is a stigma which may make it difficult for individuals to seek appropriate evaluation and treatment. Confidential monitoring increases the likelihood that physicians will seek help before their condition impairs their ability to practice medicine.  

Our mission is to support physicians by providing confidential, compassionate assistance and monitoring to those faced with mental health conditions, substance use disorders, or physical health issues that could impact their ability to practice medicine safely.  

Why Self-Report?

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