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What is INAP?

INAP is a confidential monitoring program for nurses who are impaired as a result of a substance use disorder, or by a mental or physical condition. INAP is a voluntary program, providing an opportunity for licensed nurses to receive treatment while maintaining their licensure.

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Who is eligible for INAP?

A nurse may be eligible for the program if the following apply:

  • Is a Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
  • Have a physical or mental condition affecting their nursing practice
  • Use alcohol or drugs to the extent their nursing practice is affected

The nurse must also:

  • Voluntarily agree to enter the program and provide consent for appropriate medical/psychiatric evaluations
  • Follow all recommendations of the evaluator 
  • Agree to the terms set forth in the agreement and or contract
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How can nurses enter the program?

Nurses may enter the program by making a self-report. Complete the INAP Nurse Self Report Form. If you are unable to file your self-report form online, contact us at 515-725-4008. The entire series of forms need to completed and submitted online. Once submitted, the system will supply a confirmation document for your records. Once received, INAP staff will reach out to begin enrollment.

You may also contact the program coordinator and leave a confidential voicemail at 515-725-4008. 

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What happens after a nurse self-reports?

Once a nurse contacts INAP about a possible impairment issue, the coordinator will gather information about the individual's situation and make contact with that nurse. This may result in a referral for further evaluation and treatment. The INAP committee may then determine whether or not the nurse would benefit from ongoing support and monitoring. If they do, an individualized contract is developed that is designed to allow the nurse to continue or return to practice with reasonable skill and safety.

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INAP Committee

INAP is managed by an advisory committee, who works with the program coordinator. Committee members include the following:

  • The Director of the Iowa Board of Nursing
  • Substance and mental health professionals
  • Nurses recovering from substance use
  • A public member

The committee conducts in-person meetings on a quarterly basis to review participant cases. The committee also conducts quarterly conference calls to review cases. All participants seeking entry into INAP need approval from the INAP committee. An Assistant Attorney General also provides legal counsel for the program.

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