Apply for an Electrical Permit

How to Purchase a Permit and Request an Inspection

  1. Go to
  2. Select the orange tab that says “Electrical Permitting & Inspections System”.
  3. Create a Homeowner/Farmer Account, or Contractor account if applicable.
  4. Fill out your information as prompted. Email address is required. You will be sent an email to set a password. This email may land in your spam or junk folder.
  5. Once you’re on your homepage, select the picture of a thumbs-up that says “Permits”.
  6. Again select the picture of the thumbs-up that says “Request a Permit”.
  7. Select which permit type you need from the three options. If you need an inspection for a utility company to turn power back on, you’ll select a “Not Required By Law” permit.
  8. Fill out the information as prompted.
  9. Submit and the payment screen will open.
  10. Enter all payment information. Credit, debit, and electronic checks are accepted. A convenience fee will be applied to each method.
  11. Once the permit has been paid for, select the permit number and click the blue tab at the top of the page that says “Request Inspection”.
  12. Fill out the information as prompted and submit.
  13. Once the inspection is requested, the status may read “Unscheduled”. This is not a problem and you will be notified once the inspector has added it to their schedule and the status will change to "Scheduled". Inspectors have up to three business days to contact you to schedule the inspection appointment.