Once a CNA's status has changed from "active" to "expired" on the registry, the employer (facility administrator or director of nursing for any entity type) must notify DIAL. They cannot do this electronically (even if they are an entity that is normally allowed to update hours electronically).

Please note that a CNA cannot report their own hours to the registry, nor can the CNA provide a letter verifying employment from the facility to DIA directly.


Employers Provide Proof of Employment to DIAL

The employer should send a letter to registry staff, on the facility's letterhead, which includes a testament that the CNA performed at least eight hours' worth of nursing or nursing-related duties while the CNA was in the facility's employment — after the date they were last verified, but before they expired on the registry (list the specific duties) — as well as the CNA's:

  • Full name
  • Registry ID number
  • Hire date
  • Separation date

DIAL Contact Information

Letters can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to registry staff using the contact information below.