How to File a Complaint

The Plumbing & Mechanical Systems Board's primary responsibility is to protect the public through the licensure process. Complaints are a method of informing the board about a licensed or unlicensed individual's action. All licensing boards follow a uniform complaint procedure assuring confidentiality, efficiency, and accountability.

There are two ways to file a complaint:

  1. Download the complaint form and mail it in
  2. Call the office and request a form be mailed to you

Download the complaint form

Download the form below and mail the completed form to the board office. Iowa Law requires the complaint include the name and address of the complainant, the name of the licensee, and a concise statement of the allegations against the licensee.

Call the office

Call the office directly at 1-866-280-1521 and request a complaint form be mailed to you. Complaints must be in writing. Verbal complaints and anonymous complaints are not accepted.

Persons calling with a specific complaint will be asked to file a written complaint. If the person chooses to file a complaint, a complaint form will be mailed to them. The office accepts only written complaints.

What Happens Next

Upon receipt of the complaint, the investigator will review the information provided.

If the complaint is complete and within the Board's authority it is assigned a case number and the investigation will commence. If the complaint is incomplete the investigator will attempt to obtain the missing information.

Once a complaint is assigned a case number the complainant will receive a letter acknowledging the complaint has been received and will be reviewed by the Board. The complainant will also receive information regarding the Board's final order. Iowa law requires all information obtained during the investigation remain confidential. Therefore, the complainant will not be informed of any findings other than the Board's final decision.

All complaints received are acted on. All staff and board members are bound by confidentiality.

Will the licensee know I have filed a complaint against them?

The complaint is confidential after it is received in our office. However, if the Board takes disciplinary action against the licensee, the licensee is entitled to the entire case file including the original complaint. Also, the licensee is interviewed during the investigation. Based on the specific details surrounding the complaint, the licensee may draw his or her own conclusion as to who may have filed the complaint.

Will I have to testify against the licensee?

If the Board determines there is probable cause for violation of board code or administrative rules you may be asked to testify at the formal hearing.

Laws & Rules

  • Chapter 32 - Establishes the procedure for discipline for licensees
  • Chapter 33 - Establishes the procedure for contested case proceedings
  • Chapter 34 - Establishes the procedure for complaints and investigations