Rulemaking action by the Iowa Board of Pharmacy has been published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin as follows: 


ARC 5750C has been adopted and amends Chapter 2, “Pharmacist Licenses”, Chapter 33, “Military Service and Veteran Reciprocity,” and Chapter 36, “Discipline,” and adopts new Chapter 31, “Criminal Convictions.

  • The rulemaking:

    • Allows issuance of a temporary pharmacist license for license transfer candidates who have met all other licensing requirements while the applicant schedules the jurisprudence exam,

    • Removes the term “spouse” in Chapter 33 as a result of the repeal of Iowa Code section 272C.4(13),

    • Updates the implementation references in Chapter 33,

    • Add a new Chapter 31 to identify the use of a criminal conviction in determining an individual’s eligibility to apply for licensure or registration or in denying, revoking, or suspending a license or registration,

    • Allow a pharmacist license transfer candidate to license transfer based on a current and active license in another state that is not required to be the original license by examination, and 

    • Requires that a pharmacist who is seeking reactivation of a pharmacist license must complete a criminal history background check.

  • The rulemaking will be effective August 18, 2021.