On January 19, 2021, the Board of Pharmacy’s two proposed legislative bills were introduced into the House of Representatives of the 2021 Session of the 89th General Assembly. 

House Study Bill 73 is the Board’s pharmacy practice bill which seeks to:

  • Remove the one year registration limitation on a technician trainee so that the Board may determine by rule the duration of such registration, 

  • Simplify the language relating to the delegation of functions to pharmacy personnel, 

  • Require an outsourcing facility applicant to have been inspected within the two year period prior to its application, 

  • Allow the Board to share information relating to compounded human drug products to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), including through an information sharing network, in order to comply with any memorandum of understanding with FDA, and

  • Codify the authorization of a pharmacy to engage in a pilot or demonstration research project.

House Study Bill 74 is the Board’s controlled substances bill which seeks to:

  • Conform chemical designations to the federal controlled substances Act and 

  • Permanently place into the Iowa controlled substances Act those substances which the Board temporarily scheduled via rulemaking since the 2020 legislative session.

Both of the Board’s bills have been referred to the House Human Resources Committee. Interested stakeholders are encouraged to reach out to their individual legislators to provide feedback on the Board’s bills.