The Iowa Boards of Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and Medicine announced today, March 20, that its offices at 400 SW 8th Street in Des Moines, will be closed to the public until further notice.  Board business will continue to be conducted even though public access to the building is restricted. 

The Boards continue to work and serve the public during this public health emergency.  For anyone wishing to drop off paper applications, requests or related items, the Boards have provided drop boxes at respective entrances for the public to use. Phone numbers and email addresses for Board contacts are posted on the entrance doors if you need assistance.  General contact information for each of the Boards are listed below:

  • Dental Board: 515-281-5047;
  • Pharmacy Board: 515-281-5944;
  • Nursing Board: 515-281-3255
  • Medical Board: 515-281-7088

The Boards and its respective staff will be responsive and address all communications during this time.  This closing to the public is an effort to prevent  the spread of Covid-19.