The Board would like to remind its pharmacy licensees that compliance with USP General Chapter <800> is required by 12/1/19, unless a petition for delayed compliance has been granted by the Board.  Compliance staff will begin to assess adherence to USP General Chapter <800> standards as of that date, and will review required policies and procedures to determine if plans for compliance are sufficient, based on the type of hazardous drug (HD) handling that is being performed.  Please have documentation ready for compliance staff to review and be prepared to explain how your pharmacy has addressed the requirements outlined by USP General Chapter <800>.

These requirements are applicable to any pharmacy that stores, handles, or compounds with hazardous drugs (see 657 IAC 8.5(11) and 657 IAC 20.5).

During general routine inspections, Board Compliance Staff will provide feedback to pharmacies and pharmacy staff on established processes and may suggest changes for continued and complete compliance. 

Continuing Education and further information regarding USP compliance, including USP 800 can be found at:

 CEI: Title: Complying With USP <795>, <797>, and <800> in Iowa for Pharmacists

Iowa Pharmacy Association

United States Pharmacopoeia