Cases of severe respiratory illness associated with vaping continue to be reported across the U.S. and in Iowa. Nationwide, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported 805 cases and 12 deaths. In Iowa, there have been 23 reported cases and no deaths. Of the 23 Iowa cases, ages range from 17 to 60 and 18 have reported the use of THC. Mirroring national statistics, most of the cases (78%) have been male. All Iowa cases have recovered. 

Nationally, most cases have reported the use of vaping and e-cigarette products containing THC; however, vaping products and devices that do not contain THC have also been reported among affected states. Case numbers will likely continue to increase as this investigation continues.

Iowans should not use vaping and e-cigarette products since the cause of this outbreak is not yet clear and the long-term health impacts of these products are unknown. Patients with a history of vaping who are experiencing breathing problems should seek medical care. Health care providers should ask patients with respiratory illness about the use of vaping and e-cigarette products. Health care providers are asked to report severe respiratory illness in patients with a history of vaping or e-cigarette use to the Iowa Department of Public Health (1-800-362-2736).

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