On May 15, 2019, an updated version of the Iowa Administrative Code 657 – Chapter 37, “Iowa Prescription Monitoring Program”, will become effective.  There are several changes and additions to the chapter that licensees and registrants should become familiar with in order to ensure compliance. 

  • 657-37.12(1) – Reporting Requirements -- "Data Elements" of reportable prescriptions will need to also include the Element ID referred to as DSP12.  DSP12 is part of ASAP 4.1 standards and identifies the manner in which the prescription was delivered to the dispenser (typically a pharmacy).  DSP12 is also referred to as "Transmission Form of Rx Origin Code".  Allowable entries in the DSP12 field are as follows:
    • 01 Written Prescription
    • 02 Telephone Prescription
    • 03 Telephone Emergency Prescription
    • 04 Fax Prescription
    • 05 Electronic Prescription
    • 99 Other

If reportable prescriptions are uploaded to the PMP by a third party, such as a software vendor, please inform the third party of this change in reporting requirements.  Any technical questions related to this change in required reporting may be directed to Appriss Technologies/PMP Clearinghouse at 844-441-4767, Option 2.

  • 657-37.3(3) – Practitioner’s delegates – Pharmacists and prescribers are no longer limited to a maximum of 6 delegates who they can authorized to query the PMP on their behalf.  Starting May 15, each pharmacist or prescriber may “authorize an adequate number of health care professionals who actively work with a practitioner to act as the practitioner’s delegates for the purpose of requesting PMP information.”  This give each practitioner the discretion to decide how many delegates they feel necessary to have based on their individual circumstances and practice setting.
  • 657-37.3(2) – Pharmacists –  All pharmacists that who are involved in direct patient care will be required to obtain a PMP account at the same time they become newly licensed or before their next license renewal.
  • 657-37.8 – PMP reporting – dispensing prescribers – Prescribers (MDs, DOs, ARNPs, PAs, Dentists, ODs, etc.) that supply any quantity of a Schedule II, III or IV controlled substance directly to a patient for “home use” are required to report those dispensing to the PMP. 

This list is not exhaustive.  Please review Chapter 37 - Iowa Prescription Monitoring Program.  Any questions should be directed to Jennifer.tiffany@iowa.gov and Sharon.smith@iowa.gov.