The Board of Pharmacy has filed Notices of Intended Action (NOIA) proposing amendments to various Board rules. The Board is soliciting comments and suggestions regarding those proposed amendments. 

The NOIAs are available at and comments can be submitted directly through the NOIA -- follow the prompts on the website. Comments may also be submitted via mail or email as identified in the NOIA. 

The following ARC numbers identify the NOIAs that are currently available for comment. Comments are due not later than 4:30 p.m. on January 19, 2018.

ARC 3505C
ARC 3506C
ARC 3507C
ARC 3508C
ARC 3509C
ARC 3510C
ARC 3511C
ARC 3512C

The Board also adopted previously proposed amendments to 657 Chapter 16, Nuclear Pharmacy Practice. The amendments will become effective January 24, 2018, and are available on the same Rules website as ARC 3525C.