Learn how to apply for an amusement ride operating permit in Iowa. It is illegal to operate an amusement ride or device without a permit.

Apply by Mail

Submit a completed application and certificate of insurance to the Iowa Department of Inspections, Appeals, and Licensing.

If applying to self-inspect inflatables, you must submit both application forms. All criteria must be met.

Notification will be sent once a decision has been made.


The waiver section of the application form must be completed for a permit application submitted after May 1. Failure to adequately justify an application submitted after May 1 may result in denial of your operating permit.

Permits expire annually on Dec. 31 of the year issued.

Certificate of Insurance

The certificate of insurance submitted with your application must:

  • Include as a certificate holder:
    • DIAL Division of Labor – Amusement Ride Safety
      6200 Park Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50321
  • List included and excluded rides identified by the serial number
  • State effective dates of the insurance coverage
  • State a coverage amount of $1,000,000 or more per occurrence


Your equipment must be inspected by a designee of the labor commissioner before it can be operated in Iowa. Contact the department as early as possible to schedule your inspection. All rider safety signs shall be posted before the inspection. At the time of inspection the following must be presented to the inspector:

  • Maintenance logs
  • Daily inspection logs
  • Operator training logs
  • NDT documents if required


Fees may be sent in with application or given to the inspector at the time of inspection. Rides will not receive stickers and shall not operate until the permit and inspection fees are paid. Cash will not be accepted. Payment must be made by check, cashier’s check or money order payable to the “Iowa Department of Inspections, Appeals, and Licensing – Amusement Ride Safety.”

Permit Fees

  • $30 – 1-10 rides or concessions
  • $40 – 11 or more rides or concessions

Inspection Fees

  • $250 – Major ride (requires more than 40 hours of work to assemble)
  • $110 – Adult ride (passengers weighing 75 pounds or more and requires less than 40 hours to assemble)
  • $75 – Kiddie ride (passengers weighing 75 pounds or less)
  • $40 – Concession booth
  • $40 – Inflatable
  • $40 – Blower
  • $40 – Generator

Reporting Requirements

You must notify the Department of Inspections, Appeals, and Licensing:

  • Immediately of an accident causing a death or injury needing more than first aid
  • In writing within 48 hours of a major breakdown
  • About any change in the owner’s contact information
  • About any change in your itinerary

Contact the Department

Contact the department with questions and to apply.