How to update or change location, business name, or ownership of a tattoo establishment permit.

Change Tattoo Establishment Location

If your tattoo establishment is moving to a new location, you must submit

Submit your application within 30 days of changing your location. This allows time for processing, reviewing your floor plan, and scheduling an inspection with the local inspection agency. The permit to operate at the new location will be issued only after the establishment has completed the onsite inspection.

These changes cannot be done online at this time

If additional information is required, we will contact you at the email address provided on the application.

Change Tattoo Establishment Name

If you are changing the name of your establishment, please submit a Change of Business Name paper application and mail it to us within 30 days to obtain a new permit.  

No fee is required.

These changes cannot be done online.

Change Tattoo Establishment Ownership

If the ownership of your establishment is changing, please submit a Change of Ownership paper application and a non-refundable $25 fee to us within 30 days.

This application cannot be submitted online at this time.