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Iowa Nurse Assistance Program (INAP)

Information about the Iowa Nurse Assistance Program is available here.

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Iowa Center for Nursing Workforce

Mission Statement: The Iowa Center for Nursing Workforce exists to support a dynamic, well-prepared and diverse nurse workforce to meet the health and wellness needs of Iowans.

Nursing workforce centers across the country exist to address nursing workforce challenges in the areas of supply, demand and education, to ensure an adequate supply of qualified nurses to achieve population health in the United States. Iowa is a member/subscriber of the National Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers.

Iowa's nursing workforce center is staffed by an Iowa Board of Nursing (IBON) employee. Employment and education data is collected by the IBON through the licensure process for licensed practical nurses, registered nurses and advanced registered nurse practitioners. Statistical information is then reported in the Trends Report, and as needed and requested, by interested stakeholders.

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Iowa Career Pathways

The Iowa Department of Education and other partners produce a report to describe health sciences careers. The document can be found on the DOE - Iowa Career Pathways webpage.

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Requesting a Roster

Here are the instructions with the link to download a current roster from the Iowa Board of Nursing. (Go to step 1) . Rosters can be accessed by the general public and are free of charge.

Please follow the instructions below to access the roster file in FileCloud.

  1. Go to FileCloud
  2. There are two files in that folder:
    • File layout.docx: This file gives you the layout of the roster file. It gives a brief description of all the fields in the roster file.
    •  IaNurRoster.xlsx: This is the file that contains all licensee information.
  3. Instructions to open the roster file:
    • DO NOT click on the roster filename, FileCloud will try to open it in a viewer. This will error out, stating β€œThe roster file is too large.”
    • Hover over the Icon in front of the file name. The icon changes to a checkbox. Click the checkbox, then you will see an option in the upper right to download the file. The file is large and will take some time to download.

The data extracted to the excel spreadsheet will include names, addresses, license type (LPN, RN, ARNP), and Iowa county. You may also filter options for gender, ethnicity, highest degree held, employment setting, employment position, employment specialty, and ARNP specialty. 

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Reports and Data

Workforce data is reported along with nursing education information in the Center's Trends Report:

The Iowa Board of Nursing produces an annual report of nursing statistics:

Wage Information

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Wage Information by nursing category can be found at the following links:

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