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Alarms & Fire Safety
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Submit Certification for Approval

Any cigarette to be sold or offered for sale to any person in Iowa must be approved for certification by the Department of Inspections, Appeals, and Licensing.  Initial certification is issued for three years and must be recertified for the brand style to be approved.

Cigarette manufacturers must submit the completed fire safe cigarette application form by mail to the department and include copies of testing results, package marking examples, and a check made payable to "Dept. of Inspections, Appeals, and Licensing," for the appropriate certification fees.

Cigarettes shall not be sold or offered for sale to any person in Iowa unless:

  • The cigarettes have been tested in accordance with approved test methods.
  • The cigarettes meet the specified performance standard.
  • A written certification has been filed by the manufacturer with the department, and the cigarettes have been marked with an approved marking.
  • The marking and ignition performance of these Brand Styles have been found to meet the requirements of Iowa Code, The Cigarette Fire Safety Standards Act, and and are hereby approved for sale in Iowa. 

Please be aware that this approval does not automatically qualify cigarettes for sale in Iowa. In addition, brand families must be included on the Iowa Directory of Certified Tobacco Product Manufacturers and Brands maintained by the Iowa Department of Revenue and the Attorney General’s office. 

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Certification Fees

  • Initial Certification:  $100 per brand style
  • Three-Year Recertification:  $100 per brand style
  • Corrective Certification:  No fees
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Laws & Rules

The Iowa Legislature - Iowa Laws & Rules

Iowa Code encompasses all permanent laws passed by the Iowa legislature and signed by the governor.  Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) contains all administrative rules adopted by State agencies.  When a new law is passed, administrative rules often need to be updated to implement or administer that law.  

Iowa Code chapter 101B

Iowa Administrative Rules chapter 661-61

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