Rulemaking action by the Iowa Board of Pharmacy has been published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin as follows: 

Notice of Intended Action

ARC 5155C has been published as a Notice of Intended Action to amend Chapter 10, “Controlled Substances”

  • The proposed amendments:

    • Temporarily place into the Iowa CSA five substances 

      • One fentanyl precursor into Schedule II

      • One FDA-approved insomnia treatment into Schedule IV

      • One FDA-approved seizure treatment into Schedule V

      • Two chemicals used in the manufacture of illicit fentanyl as precursor substances

    • Remove the names of prior substances temporarily scheduled by rule following the permanent schedule of the substances via the passage of Senate File 2119

    • Amend subrule 10.38(3) to incorporate language from Senate File 2119

    • Rescind 10.30(2), paragraph “g”, in response to Section 1 of Senate File 2357 which removes the requirement that the name of a supervising physician is required to be included on a prescription issued by a physician assistant.

  • Comments may be submitted no later than 4:30pm on September 15, 2020 through the link above.