Rulemaking action by the Iowa Board of Pharmacy has been published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin as follows: 


ARC 4991C is rulemaking which has been terminated by the Board which would have sought to amend Chapter 6, “General Pharmacy Practice,” Iowa Administrative Code. The rulemaking proposed to allow one pharmacy to provide prescription drug order information to another pharmacy for a noncontrolled substance prescription for the purpose of providing a patient with a three-day supply of continuing medication without the process constituting a complete transfer of the prescription. During the public comment period, the Board received a comment that sought a change in the language which the Board would like to more thoroughly review. Such additional review will cause the rulemaking to extend beyond the six month limitation from the rulemaking’s initial Notice. The Board will continue its evaluation of this concept and publish a new Notice when updated language is determined.


ARC 5007C is rulemaking which has been Adopted by the Board and amends Chapter 3, “Pharmacy Technicians,” Chapter 6, “General Pharmacy Practice,” Chapter 7, “Hospital Pharmacy Practice,” Chapter 8, “Universal Practice Standards,” Chapter 13, “Telepharmacy Practice,” and Chapter 21, “Electronic Data and Automated Systems in Pharmacy Practice,” Iowa Administrative Code. 

  • The rulemaking:

    • Replaces the phrase “tech-check-tech program” with “technician product verification program” throughout Board rules,

    • Requires a nonresident pharmacy applicant to identify a registered agent located in Iowa,

    • Extends the timeframe in which a pharmacy must respond to a request for original records from 48 to 72 hours,

    • Amends language relating to requirements for closing a pharmacy which may be exempt in the event of an unforeseeable closure, and 

    • Simplifies the rule relating to the delivery of prescription drugs.

  • The rules will be effective April 29, 2020.

ARC 5008C is rulemaking which has been adopted by the Board and amends Chapter 17, “Wholesale Distributor Licenses,” Chapter 42, “Limited Distributor Licenses,” and Chapter 43, “Third-Party Logistics Provider Licenses,” Iowa Administrative Code.

  • This rulemaking provides:

    • The process by which a LD, WD, or 3PL would notify the Board of a facility manager change, and

    • The process by which a WD or 3PL license would be modified to reflect a change in facility manager.

  • The rules will be effective April 29, 2020.