Apply online for a temporary barber license in Iowa. The application fee is $12. All application fees are nonrefundable.

Documentation & Questions

Documentation and questions may be submitted by email:


Application fee is $12.  You may pay the fee online.  All application fees are nonrefundable.

Education Requirements

Applicants may request a temporary barber license if they have met all of the requirements for permanent licensure with the exception of the examination requirements.  A temporary permit is valid for six (6) months and may not be renewed.  

Applicants who have been issued a license in another state are not eligible for a temporary permit.

Applicants must request that evidence of the following be submitted directly from the school provider:

  • Evidence of completion of the tenth grade or equivalent education.

Note: In the event the applicant is a refugee or immigrant from a country where high school records no longer exist, the applicant shall be considered to have met this requirement when the applicant submits an affidavit attesting to the fact that the applicant has met the tenth-grade requirement.

  • Official transcript or diploma from a board approved or nationally accredited barber school verifying completion of 1,550 hours of education; or
  • Official certificate of completion of the registered barbering apprenticeship from the United States Department of Labor.