There are three ways a pharmacy may report dispensations or transactions (including the sale of non-prescription or OTC CV codeine-containing cough syrups) to the Iowa Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP).  These include through PMP Clearinghouse, the MyRx tab in a pharmacist’s PMP AWARxE account, and the pharmacy's dispensing system (PDS).  

When reporting an OTC CV, the pharmacist or pharmacy should be listed as the prescriber.  The pharmacy can report using the pharmacist’s NPI or using the pharmacy's DEA number for one of these required fields.  Note, the pharmacy may get a warning message if the submission is missing a DEA number (e.g., in the case of the pharmacist using only their NPI).  This is just a courtesy message sent by our vendor, Appriss.  Warnings don't need to be fixed or acted upon, unlike errors—errors must be fixed.  For the Rx number, pharmacies may use the date or some other unique number such as the date backwards and then a sequential suffix (e.g., 01, 02, 03...).  

To report via Clearinghouse (best option if submitting a lot of information regularly, or for a lot of stores): Pharmacists or stores may register for a PMP Clearinghouse account at:  A registered pharmacist or delegate can submit records using an electronic Universal Claim Form or submit records via sFTP.  More information can be found in the Iowa Submission Guide for Dispensers.  Please see the Board website to download the latest version of the Guide for Dispensers, or contact the Iowa PMP at: PMP@Iowa.Gov

To report via MyRx: Records may be submitted through the pharmacist’s AWARxE® account.  To access the MyRx tab, log in to your PMP AWARxE > Click “Menu” > “Data” > “Rx Management” and “New Rx.” Note, the pharmacist inputting must have the pharmacy’s DEA listed under the employer section of their AWARxE® account in order to have access to the “Rx Management” function for the store. 

To report via the store’s pharmacy dispensing system (PDS):  Enter a dummy script and process as a cash prescription with the pharmacist or pharmacy as the prescriber.  It is important that the pharmacy NOT LABEL or repackage the OTC CV cough syrup.  The script's only function is to report to the PMP.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: The reporting of OTC CV cough syrups to the Iowa PMP does not satisfy the DEA and Board requirement to keep and maintain a logbook.  Pharmacies must continue to maintain a logbook of all non-prescription sales of CVs.