The Board of Pharmacy is happy to announce that initial and reactivation online applications are now available on the Board’s website for the following licensees and registrants:

These applications are for initial applicants or for licensees and registrants whose license/registration expired more than 4 months ago.

Licensees and registrants that are eligible for renewal of their license/registration can renew online through their Online Profile.

The Board is currently working to implement online initial, change, and reactivation applications for the following licensees and registrants and will provide updates as the applications become available:

  • Pharmacist in Charge -- Non Resident Pharmacist in Charge
  • Pharmacist License by Examination
  • CSA-Business
  • Precursor Substances Permit
  • Pharmacy
  • Outsourcing Facility
  • Wholesale Distributor

Until the applications are available online, please continue to use the application forms found under the Applications/Forms page on the Board’s website. 

If you have any questions please contact the appropriate licensing specialist.