Effective immediately, community pharmacies in Iowa may begin to submit electronic claims for reimbursement of NARCAN® nasal spray prescriptions prescribed to Iowa residents 18 years of age or older who may be at risk of an opioid-related overdose or to individuals who may be in a position to assist with an opioid-related overdose. Prescriptions may be generated by pharmacies under the statewide standing order, the Board of Pharmacy statewide protocol, or by an individual authorized to prescribe. Pharmacy electronic billing information may be found here.

Pharmacies will be reimbursed for 100% of the cost of NARCAN® in accordance with the Iowa Department of Human Services’ AAC list price plus a $20 dispensing fee. The dispensing fee takes into account the clinical services of the pharmacist in evaluating the recipient for the appropriateness of NARCAN® dispensing.

For entities that want to receive NARCAN® on behalf of an agency, please contact the Iowa Department of Public Health at 515-281-5444 to discuss other available opportunities.

Please contact the Board of Pharmacy at 515-725-3492 if you have any questions regarding the NARCAN® Dispensing Program.

More information regarding the dispensing program can be found on the Board’s website.