CDC is warning the general public of a new type of phone and phishing scam by criminals posing as CDC representatives, often requesting donations.  According to CDC, most of these fraudulent activities are being conducted by phone, utilizing software to "spoof" phone calls to make them appear as if they are coming from phone numbers that may look familiar.  CDC advises consumers to avoid answering calls from numbers they do not recognize, and to avoid sharing personal information over the phone.  In addition, CDC notes that no federal agency will request donations from the general public.  Suspicious phone calls may be reported to the Federal Communications Commission.

In addition, some criminals are impersonating government officials in emails to facilitate phishing attacks.  These emails contain malicious attachments or links that can be used to gain control over computer systems and to steal information.  Consumers are advised to stay vigilant and to follow good security practices to reduce the likelihood of falling victim to an attack.