The Board is excited to announce that as of this morning most business licenses and all individual licenses and registrations may begin renewing licenses online at These include Pharmacists, CSA-individuals and businesses, Certified Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacy Support Persons, Outsourcing Facilities, Wholesale Distributors, and Pharmacies. Online renewals require fee payments by credit card. 

Courtesy renewal notifications have been sent to all licensees and registrants who will expire November 30, 2018 and December 31, 2018. Failure of the licensee or registrant to receive the notice does not relieve the individual or business of the responsibility for renewing the license/registration prior to its expiration.

Although discouraged, renewal applications will still be accepted through the mail with a check or money order. Application forms can be found on our website at: Once mailed, applicants’ licenses/registrations can be verified online at: Application receipt and status checks will not be provided by email or verbally over the phone during peak processing times including November 1 to March 31 and April 15 to July 31. Please allow at least three weeks for Board staff to process applications that are received through the mail.