On July 1, 2018, HF 2377 became effective in the state of Iowa.  HF 2377, otherwise known as the “Opioid Bill”, was signed into law by Governor Reynolds on May 14, 2018, and includes a provision that requires any prescriber (veterinarians excluded) with a Controlled Substances Act Registration (CSAR) to obtain a user account with the Iowa PMP. 

Prescribers who already have an active CSAR may apply for a PMP account at any time prior to their next scheduled application renewal by visiting the Iowa PMP website, also referred to as Iowa AWARxE.  There is no fee to apply for a PMP account, and PMP accounts are typically approved the same business day they are received. 

Prescribers who are seeking an initial CSAR must wait until they are issued their federal DEA number before they can be apply for a PMP account.  Please visit  https://pharmacy.iowa.gov/licensureregistration/controlled-substance-applications/initial-application for detailed instructions on the order in which applications for a CSAR, DEA and PMP registrations must be completed.

Any questions on this new requirement may be directed to jennifer.tiffany@iowa.gov or sharon.smith@iowa.gov.