The Board of Pharmacy has become aware of instances of unsolicited prescription requests being sent to prescribers (via fax) without the knowledge or request of the patient. The requests have been for topical or compounded pain creams and come from pharmacies that may not be licensed to ship prescription drugs into Iowa. Prescribers and all office staff are strongly encouraged to be diligent in reviewing prescription requests faxed from a pharmacy unknown to the prescriber or staff. If there is any doubt, please contact the patient to determine if the request is legitimate (patient initiated the pharmacy’s request) as well as the Board of Pharmacy to determine if the pharmacy is legitimate (authorized to ship into Iowa). The Board maintains a current and active list of Iowa-licensed pharmacies on its website and can be found at or you can call the Board office at 515-281-5944. If your office has received such requests that do not appear to be legitimate, please retain the information or documentation and contact the Board office for review or investigation.