The Iowa Board of Pharmacy is pleased to announce the launch of the Iowa Monitoring Program for Pharmacy Professionals (IMP3).

The IMP3 is designed to assist impaired pharmacy professionals with obtaining an evaluation, treatment, aftercare, and support in order to maintain personal and professional integrity, while ensuring patient and public safety is maintained. This confidential program is now available to Iowa-licensed/registered pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy interns who may suffer from chemical dependency, or mental/physical impairments.

The IMP3 will be administered by Board staff, in collaboration with the Iowa Board of Medicine.  Individuals struggling with dependency or impairments are encouraged to self-report to Amy VanMaanen, Executive Officer with the Iowa Board of Medicine.  Amy can be reached at 515-281-6006.  Self-reporting may also be done through the Board's website,

The Board's monitoring program was previously administered by the Iowa Pharmacy Recovery Network (IPRN). Similar programs are administered by the Board of Medicine, Board of Nursing and Board of Dentistry for their respective professionals.