The following information serves as a resource for providers treating patients in the Iowa Physician Health Program. The following roles may exist within an IPHP participant’s treatment. 

Provider Roles

How Providers and IPHP Staff Work Together

The many roles included in a participant’s recovery all exist to give the participant the best chance at success. In addition to serving in the roles listed above, providers will also submit quarterly reports to the IPHP so our staff can monitor the participant’s progress and identify any areas of concern.

IPHP staff doesn’t typically reach out to providers unless necessary. If you need assistance from IPHP staff at any point, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We’re available to discuss any concerns you have about the participant for whom you’re providing care.

Providers for participants in the IPHP are asked to submit quarterly reporting forms.

How to Help an Impaired Patient Who is Not in the IPHP

If you’re a physician or therapist working with a physician-patient that you know or believe may be impaired, there are ways you can help. As a medical provider in a physician-patient relationship, you are excluded from the Board’s mandatory reporting requirements, but you can encourage them to reach out for help and self-report. Let them know that the IPHP can help them before their safety to practice medicine is compromised. Direct them to this website as a tool they can use to learn about our program and self-report when they’re ready.